Monday, May 4, 2015

California Community colleges reject BDS

The largest educational system in the United States -the California Community College System- has said no to BDS.

During their semi-annual meeting on May 3rd, the General Assembly of the Student Senate of California Community Colleges (GASSCCC) voted against divestment with a final vote of 25 in favor, 44 opposed, and six abstentions.

Over 2.1 million students are represented by the General Assembly of the Student Senate of California Community Colleges.

The California Community colleges join the University of Toledo, the University of Texas at Austin, University of Michigan, UC Santa Barbara, Princeton and the University of New Mexico- all of whom have defeated anti-Israel resolutions in the past few weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Please aid Bowdoin to your list of BDS fails

Bowdoin College overwhelmingly rejected a student-wide referendum calling for an academic and cultural boycott of Israel. The referendum, which ran from May 2nd-6th, was defeated with a vote of 228 in favor (14 percent), 1,144 opposed (71 percent) and 247 abstaining (15 percent). 1,619 students, or 85% of Bowdoin's student body, voted on the issue.