Monday, May 11, 2015

Israel is for Lovers.

Think of it as Birthright for Honeymooners.

Honeymoon Israel is a private 501c3  offering highly subsidized, 9-day trips to Israel for couples 25-40, with opportunities for social action, fun and adventure.  It is completely inclusive and open to LGBT and interfaith couples. Spaces are filling up quickly- in Los Angeles, 85 couples applied for 20 spots.

Check out the itinerary from the Phoenix trip

From the website of Honeymoon Israel

Honeymoon Israel's agenda is for you to have fun, experience all that Israel has to offer and meet other young couples from your community. 

Our organization's agenda is to expand the definition of Jewish life in America and to offer enjoyable experiences for couples to connect with one another and to the Jewish community in whatever way works for them. Honeymoon Israel does not have a specific agenda or prescription for this but rather seeks to support couples in their own exploration and to foster the organic development of community.

In collaboration with local partners, Honeymoon Israel works with individual couples and groups of couples to explore Jewish life and values, but Honeymoon Israel is not affiliated with or promoting any specific institutions. 

“Our goal is to reach couples for whom the experience will have the greatest impact – couples who haven’t figured out how to have a Jewish family,” said Avi Rubel, a Washington native who created Honeymoon Israel with Michael Wise, a former executive director of the Jewish Federation of Greater Buffalo.

A San Francisco trip is in the works. 

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