Monday, May 25, 2015

Hamas imposed a new tax on Gaza

With its tunnel economy floundering, Hamas leaders are looking to new sources of income to maintain the lifestyles to which they have become accustomed. To that end, a new tax on "non-essentials" will be imposed on the people of Gaza. Over 400 items will be affected, including meat, fruits, vegetables and clothing. It rather begs the question of just what is considered "non-essential" in Gaza?

From YNET:

“The purpose of the law is to ease the suffering of the poor in the Gaza Strip,” said Ahmad Abu Halbiya, a member of Hamas’s parliamentary block who passed the new tax. “We’ll collapse as a society in Gaza if we do not impose these taxes. It’s not much but it will benefit the citizens of Gaza - especially the security police who need money for cars.” Abu Halbiya said that flour and medicines, as essential goods, would be exempt from the tax.

Abu Halbiya acknowledged that Hamas’s 40,000 employees will be the main recipients of the new tax revenue.

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