Monday, May 18, 2015

Air bnb in Gaza

Poor impoverished Gaza.
Thousands left homeless from the war.
Children living in cardboard boxes.
That what they tell us anyway.

(Its all Israel's fault. Its always Israel's fault.) 

I have a practical suggestion for all those haters out there- do you want to help Gaza's homeless children?

For a mere $75 dollars a day,  you can rent them an apartment in Gaza.

Meet Gaza Airbnb

Yes. Really.

To the "human rights" activists of the world:

Protesting at the Israel consulate or at a Jewish heritage fair will get you nowhere. But for a mere $75 dollars a day you can make a difference in the life of a child.

This  lovely 2 bedroom penthouse apartment overlooking the Mediterranean Sea is available now. It has an open floor plan with views from every window, a washer-dryer, a large kitchen with custom tile and granite.

For $1200 a month- a child in Gaza can be safe and warm and dry.  You can put your time, energy and money to work making a practical difference for the people of Gaza.

Or not.

You could choose instead to spend hundreds of thousands on bus ads and billboards in the United States. You could spend millions on useless flotillas. You could pay hundreds of thousands of dollars financing attorneys to harass pro-Israel activists.

It will just confirm that your "activism" has never been about helping the Palestinian people or building a Palestinian state. Its always been about destroying the Jewish state.

(We knew that anyway)

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