Friday, July 25, 2014

Stand For Israel in San Francisco

 From our friends at San Francisco Voice for Israel

Stand up for Israel's right to exist as a Jewish State within secure borders and free from attacks.

Where: Downtown San Francisco, Justin Herman Plaza
When: Saturday July, 26 12:30 to 1:30pm

Israel is still under siege. In just over two weeks, over 2200 rockets have been fired on the people of Israel, an average of one every ten minutes. Hamas stores its rockets and weaponry in mosques, schools and hospitals. Reporters on the ground have documented Hamas militants using children as combatants. Ben Gurion international airport has been the target of terrorist rockets, and several airlines have canceled their flights. Yet in spite of this, humanitarian aid continues to flow through Israel into Gaza.

This Saturday, extremist anti-Israel groups are again rallying to demand an end to Israel’s right to safeguard its citizens .These groups remain blind to the suffering of the Israeli people, and willfully ignore the role of Hamas in perpetuating the misery of the people of Gaza. From their past demonstrations it is clear these groups object not only to Israel’s defensive actions to protect her citizens, but to the very existence of Israel itself. Last weeks anti-Israel rally featured classic anti-semitism, signs supporting Hamas, and the glorification of terrorists dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

Please add your voice to those gathering in solidarity with our friends and family in Israel. Our messages will be that Israel has the right to defend its citizens, that Hamas rocket fire must stop, and that the enemies of peace are those who promote ongoing war in pursuit of a "river to the sea" Arab state.

We will NOT allow any signs calling for violence against Arabs or Muslims in general; just because the other side engages in vicious hate speech does not mean that we will lower ourselves to their level. Anyone bringing such signs will be identified to the San Francisco Police as a provocateur from the other side and removed. A selection of very useful signs can be found at
Please note that these rallies often attract hard-core anti-Semites who have been known to engage in violence. We advise that those leaving the scene should not walk alone and should not engage verbally with any of the anti-Israel crowd. We also expect those on our side to follow any instructions from the San Francisco Police that might be issued for our safety.

Please come to help counter the lies of these anti-Israel groups, none of whom even accept Israel's right to exist, let alone defend itself!

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