Tuesday, July 15, 2014

JVP: No empathy for Israel

This is the latest solicitation I ‘ve received from the self-proclaimed wedge group, Jewish Voice for Peace.

Not a word- not a single word about the thousands of rockets launched from Gaza. Not a single word about the millions of Israeli civilians spending their nights in bomb shelters.  Not a single word condemning Hamas for its indiscriminate shelling of civilians. Not a single word of compassion for the Israeli Jews, Christians and Muslims living under constant threat of Hamas’s long range rockets targeting Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Not a single word of empathy for the families of our boys murdered by Hamas.

Its as though 8 million Israelis simply don’t matter to JVP.  Perhaps because 8 million Israelis don’t actually matter to JVP.

JVP propaganda follows:

My name is Eran Efrati, I am Jewish, a veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces, and a 7th generation Jerusalemite.

What I've seen in Israel over the last few weeks is beyond anything I have witnessed in my life.

I've seen terrified Palestinian children in Hebron and Halhul, sitting on the ruins of their homes.

I've seen mobs in the street chanting "death to Arabs" and pulling out Palestinian men from their stores to beat them as other Israelis stood idly by. I've seen soldiers lined up at the Gaza border, ready at a moment's notice to invade.

And now, like you, I’ve seen the climbing death toll in Gaza, over 100 dead and some 500 injured –all by Israeli missiles, with no end in sight.

As much as it pains me to say it, I don’t think I can do a lot about it. But I believe you can.

American voices - and especially Jewish American ones - are probably the most critical voices in the world right now.

We need you to tell us - Israeli politicians, the Israeli media, Israeli society - that you can't support this. That you can't support human rights violations. That you can't support racism. That you won't support the idea that Jewish lives matter more than Palestinian lives.

Join me and sign this Open Letter now—if they get another 10,000 signatures, Jewish Voice for Peace will take out ads in Haaretz and the Jewish Forward with our message.

We know the roots of this are long and deep. But the truth behind this latest assault has finally coming: as J.J. Goldberg wrote in The Forward, the Israeli government lied, and created this situation.

For weeks, the government knew that the three kidnapped teenagers were dead. But they instituted a gag order on the media, lied to Israelis and the world, and falsely claimed the mass arrests and collective punishment of Palestinians was all in the hopes of finding the teenagers alive.

In other words, their chosen response was to kidnap the mind of an entire country.

From the very beginning, this has been about punishing Palestinians. From the beginning, the government has been willing to manipulate and use its own people for that goal.

Overhead, I hear airplanes headed to Gaza all day long, and I know there's nothing I can do to stop them. And now we all know the lengths they've gone to justify this attack, and how fully Israeli society has bought into it. And I don't think we can stop it from within.

But I think you can.

Please join me and sign this statement: We oppose the occupation, the bloodshed, the privileging of Jewish lives over others lives.

Eran Efrati



Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

there was this idiot last saturday that i've seen before trying to distribute JVP literature to the pro-Israel side. after telling him to take a hike he told me i needed JVP to turn my moral compass around. at this point i have no doubt that the radical left are among so of the most evil people on the face of the planet. their hypocrisy and self righteousness could give nay neo-con a run for their money.

Anonymous said...

I think this Eran Efrati is on drugs or is hired by another side. If he had a wife and small children, sitting in the shelter and surviving constant attacks from Gaza, he would probably think differently.
No normal person, living in Israel, with a basic need of survival would oppose the defense of Israel from the Aggressor in a face of Hamas. Hopefully nobody would take this organization seriously, as Israel needs a solid support as from within and from outside of the country. Just for the record - Australia is 100% supports Israel, it's effort to defend it's country and citizens and it's war on terror.

Anonymous said...

Islamofascists have declared War on Israel.

Israel has the right to defend itself - tough luck eran efrati.

During a time of war traitors like eran efrati should be dealt with like any other terrorist. eran belongs in jail for giving support for Islamofascists.

If eran efrati were an Arab opponent to Fascist Hamass, he would find himself being dragged behind a motorcycle through the streets of Gaza.

eran belongs in an Israeli jail or in Gaza - dressed in a IDF uniform. Let Hamass deal with a "jew" like eran efrati.

Chrysler 300M said...

Bashir Al Assad killed 180.000 people, where´s the outrage ??