Monday, July 7, 2014

Solidarity rally for Israel in San Francisco

From our friends at San Francisco Voice for Israel

Photos from the streets of San Francisco, and a solidarity with Israel rally held today, July 7in front of the Israeli Consulate

And yes, the haters of light were gathered in force.  Their rally, sponsored by AROC: Arab Resource & Organizing Center, ANSWER, Coalition For Palestinian Rights (San Francisco), East Bay ACC, Bay Area PAC, MECA, United Holy LandFund (SF), USPCN, Palestinian youth movement (PYM), the International Jewish Antizionist Network (IJAN), Freedom Archives. International Solidarity Movement ISM and Free Palestine Movement featured  frenzied chants of "We support the Intifada",  "Allahu Akbar" and the classic  "Ba ruh, ba dam, nafdeek ya Falastin"

 Keeping it classy on the pro-hate side

Youtube from Monday's protest at the Israeli consulate in San Francisco 


wkovacs said...

some vid of the peace loving foul mouthed jihadists

wkovacs said...

the jew haters were much more well behaved than their cohorts from the north. same chants, which included co-opting chants from the 60s antiwar movement and the post rodney king verdict, but outside of that, the police presence kept everyone rather calm

not really into chant wars as they are purposeless, just showed up to observe and add a body to the pro-israel side...which was about 75 strong...we jews just arent big into screaming and yelling, i guess

wkovacs said...

so i go the la counter rally and i totally miss this

lapd arrest ali abunimah

i did not see the guy in the hat when i was there, but i recognize the guy who says, "it isnt about muslims, its about terrorists"

ali lies to the cops about who he is with and they know full well he was there to start trouble

they were very good at keeping both groups separate

Anonymous said...

When is the next rally or what website can I (we) follow to keep informed of rally dates/times. Like "Geoff Kl" (above) I'd like to add a body to the pro-Israel side.

Dusty said...

This is one of the group that organizes the pro-Israel events in the Bay area.

Its a good place to start.