Friday, July 11, 2014

Israel activist Chloe Valdary assaulted in Boston

 This is the face of  hate

A Palestinian "peace " activist has physically assaulted  Israel activist Chloe Valdary at a Boston solidarity rally for Israel.  Shrieking that the Jews would go to hell while the Christians and the Muslims took over Jerusalem, she knocked Chloe's phone out of her hand.

The unidentified woman was not arrested..

For those of you attending Israel solidarity rallies this weekend, be careful out there. Its never been about peace for the anti-Israel crowd.  In the unforgettable words of International ANSWER organizer Dick Becker, this isn't about peace. Its about the "victory of the resistance"


Anonymous said...

Israel has the Right to Resist Islamofascism.

Gary Fouse said...

Great work Chloe!

Tomorrow we will be showing our support for Israel at the Federal Building in LA (Westwood). No doubt the forces of darkness will be there. I will have my video camera ready to document it if they act out. (Which you know they will. They can't control themselves).