Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Time is Not on our Side

It's that time, again. Time Magazine is asking us to cast our vote for the leaders, artists, innovators, icons and heroes that are the most influential people in the world.  Official voting ends on Friday, April 12th.

Anti-Israel activists have been pushing hard to vote up a second rate filmmaker and propagandist, Emad Burnat. They've been asking people to vote down the leader of the only free nation in the Middle East, Benyamin Netanyahu.

And up to now, they've been succeeding.  As of today Emad Burnatt has over 3,000 votes, significantly more than Michelle Obama or Pope Benedict XVI. He's got more votes than Jackie Chan!  Netanyahu has less than 800. The final tally will be on Friday, and again, when we fight back, we win.  Our opponents have had a huge head start, and we all know that self-promotion is the one thing that they are good at.

Fortunately, our friend David over at Five Minutes for Israel has created a handy set of links.  Check it out here, and vote.  "Like" Five Minutes for Israel on Facebook, too, for up to the minute easy ways you can help Israel.   Promote this poll on your own facebook page, via twitter and through your groups.

We can do it !

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