Wednesday, April 17, 2013

JVP BDS Boot Camp Offers Ramadan Accommodations, but not kosher meals

Jewish Voice for Peace is offering Ramadan meal accommodations in their BDS boot camp.  How sensitive of them. However, I couldn't help but notice that a kosher alternative isn't being offered. Presumably, this is because the organizers know their target audience. After all,  Paul Larudee, the son of a Iranian Presbyterian minister and his American missionary wife is a proud member of JVP.

JVP.  "Jewish" optional.  "Peace" optional.

Of the Jewish figureheads who provide the public face of JVP:  Is there any part of their Judaism they happily embrace, or are their Jewish genetics simply taken out of cold storage when needed to provide cover for Israel bashing?

This phenomenon has been referred to as "Jew-washing"

From “On Jew-Washing” and BDS", written by Yitzhak Santis and Gerald M. Steinberg

...Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) is far from the Jewish mainstream. It is a fringe of a fringe – a small anti-Zionist group, whose finances are unclear, but are almost always found at events where Jew-washing is used, particularly when boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigns (BDS) are at stake. Their motivations, like their financing, are unclear and irrelevant – the fact that they provide a useful cover for non-Jews to justify gratuitous Israel-bashing is what counts.

JVP Summer camp

If your idea of an idyllic summer camp experience is playing guitar around a campfire, making lanyards and sleeping under the stars,  JVP BDS boot camp is not going to be your first choice.  But  if you're looking for self-congratulatory affirmations of personal and collective victim hood  and self righteous indignation, JVP BDS boot camp might be a good match.  Hurry. The application is due on Monday.

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