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Abe Greenhouse, "ISM Scumbag" will be presenting at JVP Annual Conference in Berkeley

From an article by Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, written on  August 21, 2003, 2 days after a devastating bombing on a bus in Jerusalem that  killed 7 children and 16 adults. 130 were wounded, many of them children. The bomb was laced with ball-bearings in an effort to increase the suffering and magnify the injuries of the victims on the bus.

 ISM Scumbag Dishonors Terror Victims
Charles Johnson

Abe Greenhouse, the terror-enabling ISM scumbag who desecrated Jerusalem’s Western Wall by leaving a note that read “END THE MOTHERF*CKING OCCUPATION!!!”, sneaked into the press area at the Jerusalem bus bombing on Tuesday shortly after it happened—and the Trentonian interviewed him about it. The lousy self-centered bastard could not spare one word of sympathy for the Israeli and American children he saw murdered that day, but used the opportunity instead to whine about the poor oppressed Palestinians living under the evil occupation. This one will turn your stomach:

Greenhouse, who’s been over in Israel for about month and has joined the International Solidarity Movement, Rabbis for Human Rights and the Israeli Committee Against House Demolition since the start of his visit.
“There is a lot of danger in the work I do,” Greenhouse said. “It was a very trying experience, but nothing compared to the regular dangers Palestinians face every day.
“The bombing tonight made me want to remain here in working through this peace effort. My efforts are more important now than ever.”
The militant Islamic Jihad group claimed responsibility for yesterday’s bus bombing to avenge the killing of a senior operative in a raid last week, but Greenhouse said there’s two sides to the story....

After seeing first hand the bodies of innocents, whose only transgression was living their lives in the state of  Israel, Greenhouse's blinders stayed on. "Nothing compared to the regular dangers the Palestinians face"

Here’s the story of the Shmuel HaNavi bus bombing that Abe Greenhouse just couldn’t be bothered to tell.

The bomb that caused the huge explosion on Egged bus 2  was spiked with ball-bearings and other metal debris designed to increase the suffering of the victims on the crowded bus. The bomber was Raad Abd el-Hamid Maseqa, 29-year-old cleric from  Hebron.

 According to an Associated Press report,

 Strollers were scattered near the stricken bus, medics carried away children with blood-smeared faces and a baby girl died in a hospital before doctors could find her parents. At least five children were among the 18 dead in Tuesday's suicide bombing by a Palestinian militant who blew himself up on a Jerusalem bus. Forty children were among more than 100 people injured. The attack was the 100th Palestinian suicide bombing against Israelis since the latest round of fighting began in September 2000. The youth of the victims stands out in that grim list, and the government said the choice of target was particularly cold-blooded.
Among the victims of the bombing was Shmuel Zangari, an 11 month old baby who died of a brain hemorrhage.  His older sister,  Avigal had facial burns. His sister Esther had a horrific blast injury.  The enormous concussive waves from the bomb broke her ear drums and tore apart her lungs.

 Abe Greenhouse knows very well that a suicide bomber is a bomb with a brain- they chose the targets and their moment of detonation.  This particular murderer chose a public bus, crowded with children. Greenhouse rationalizes and whitewashes the slaughter of innocents.

Abe Greenhouse, the "terror-enabling ISM scumbag” will be presenting at the Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) Annual Meeting in Berkeley California,  DoubleTree Hotel Berkeley Marina April 19-21.

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