Saturday, April 6, 2013

Anonymous: Sound and Fury and not much more

From Anonymous- their "List of confirmed affected websites during #OpIsrael"

Anonymous claims  the following list includes latest confirmed tango downs, hacks, defaces, docks, hijacks, database leaks & releases, deletes out of the internet, admin takeovers etc.

Confirmed by WHO?  Every one that I've checked appears to be working just fine....
There is confirmation that the brave cyber-warriors of Anonymous had successfully  targeted an  Israeli children's cancer site  Classy.

Gov. websites:

Other Israeli websites:

730 Israeli Facebook Accounts Hacked By Mauritania Attacker
Leak:, &
95 israeli websites hacked by Aceh Cyber Team
14 israeli websites hacked by Kosovo Gold Hackers
Secret Israel Documents of by @TeamLHT; Leak:

Other medium:
100s off sites taken for op-israel by bilalsbxtra and dr samim-008
8 .il websites #HaCked and #Defaced bY #AnonGhost; Paste:
Israeli Facebook Acounts HaCked by @An0nGhost
Part 1: (400)
Part 2: (560)
Israeli Cyber Pyrates facebook fan page hacked

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