Sunday, September 6, 2009

Darlene Wallach, Up Close and Personal

Though Donna and Darlene Wallach are as close as sisters can be, we've heard that our recent profile of Donna caused Darlene a fit of jealousy. She wants her moment in the spotlight, too.
Here it is, Darlene. Your moment to shine.

Note please that Darlene is wearing a T-shirt bearing a stamp from the British mandatory Period. This is puzzling. Is Darlene showing her support for the British behavior during this period?

I can only speculate.

Darlene- did you happen to notice the Hebrew Writing on your t-shirt? Ever wonder why its there? See those Hebrew letters in the parentheses on your T-shirt? The aleph-yod? That stands for "Eretz Yisrael"- the land of Israel. This stamp was issued by the mandatory British goverenment of Palestine in 1927.


I Come Brandishing Beets said...

This is as close as I want to get to the troll-munchkin.

Anonymous said...

This precise tee-shirt has been pointed to in the past to me by some of usual, very naive California "anti-zionists" as PROOF of the pre-Israel, Arab nation of Palestine. In fact, in later conversation, it seemed that they had no idea what the British Mandate of Palestine had been, when, where, why etc. History before the Oslo Agreements was simply unknown, and so, they filled in their severe educational gaps in actual history by sincere belief in myths about history, sometimes called,"the Palestinian narrative." T"he funniest thing about the typical naive "progressive" apologist for the Palestinians are those moments where they don't know, and therefore disbelieve real facts to to extent of conflict with their treasured mythology. And so all of the heavy handed mishagoss of the British from 1917-1948 remains a complete mystery to our local, typical naive "progressive" apologist for the Palestinians. Perhaps "Rape of Palestine" (1938) W'm Ziff (might be on-line somewhere)would be a good place to start reading.