Saturday, August 29, 2009

Protest at the Swedish Consulate—Demand Condemnation of the Blood Libel


Protest at the Swedish Consulate—Demand Condemnation of the Blood Libel!
Wednesday September 2, 5-6 PM
120 Montgomery Street (at Sutter), San Francisco

The left-wing Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet published an article on August 17 by reporter Donald Bostrom alleging that Israeli soldiers were kidnapping and killing Palestinians in order to harvest organs to be used for transplanation. As documented in the Jerusalem Post, Bostrom freely admits that he has no evidence whatsoever to back up this blood libel, but indicted that it is up to Israelis to prove innocence in this matter. When the Swedish Ambassador to Israel rightfully condemned this hate speech hiding behind the curtain of "free speech", she was condemned back home in Sweden where some members of the government urged her recall.

The government of Sweden has refused to condemn the blood libel, on grounds of "freedom of the press." Yet Sweden apparently has no problems censoring free speech when it is militant Muslims who are upset—in 2006, the Swedish Foreign Minister shut down a website displaying cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed.

We are not asking the Swedish government to take any legal action against either Bostrom or Aftonbladet. A simple condemnation of this unfounded accusation, that echoes blood libels against Jews through the ages, is all that was asked of the government of Sweden by the government of Israel.

StandWithUs/ San Francisco Voice for Israel will hold a vigil outside the office building in which the Swedish Consulate offices are located. We will be handing out flyers to publicize the Swedish government's refusal to condemn this blood libel. We will have flags and some signs; please feel free to bring signs with statements such as "Sweden: Condemn the Blood Libel" and "Sweden: Condemn Hate Speech." Please note that our protest is targeted at the government of Sweden rather than Swedish citizens or individuals of Swedish descent. Do not bring signs or graphics offensive to any racial or ethnic group including but not limited to Arabs, Islam, or Palestinians in general. Signs in violation of our policies do not help the pro-Israel cause and will not be allowed.

For more information about the Swedish blood libel article and Sweden's funding of Palestinian pro-terror organizations and anti-Israel hate speech, see the following:

http://www.bluetrut 08/tell-swedish- government- to-condemn. html
http://www.jpost. com/servlet/ Satellite? pagename= JPost/JPArticle/ ShowFull& cid=124941867831 6
http://www.ngomonit a_clouded_ eu_presidency_ swedish_funding_ for_radical_ ngos
http://dfrankfurter .livejournal. com/37203. html

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