Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pakistanis blame Zionist for dead terrorist

Posting by Grant Patel.

Friend and rival for the affections of panty-wearer sends e-mail most amusing.

Is it the water? Is it the heat?
Too much ganja in their little pea-brains?
Inbreeding leading to ever narrower frontal lobes?
Generations of bhainchotery?
What is it with these morons?


These are good question. Pursuant an article ("Baitullah Meahsud The end of a Zionist collaborator") underneath the link.

Assertion that Pakistan top terrorist actually Zionist stooge, not gandu Muslim pagal:
"Qari Zainuddin, an Afghan Taliban commander, rejected Baitullah Mahsud as a Mujahid based on later’s un-Islamic activities and said in the interview that Afghan Taliban has nothing to do with Baitullah Mahsud and his followers. Qari also claimed that Baitullah Mahsud had close contacts with Israeli and Indian officiual"

"Baitullah Mahsud got Benazir Bhutto assassinated for his American, Israeli and Indian masters."

Classic case of casting paranoid accusations to absolve Pakistan

The Bhutto chureil was probably assassinated by ISI. But we'll never know. No great loss, the Bhutto clan mostly corrupt landlord class bloodsucking the peasantry.

Further claiming that terrorists in Pakistan are actually Indian or Anglo-saxon mercs:
"The pictures of some terrorists killed by Pakistan Army in Swat prove that they were non-Muslim terrorists hired by the US, Britain and India to distablize and eventually break-up Pakistan"

Pictures? Probably merely victims of Pakistani army brutality conveniently placed. If one assumes that Pakistani army even Swat. Which more than actually doubtful.

Then also:
"After Pakistan Army confirmed that the arms it captured from terrorists in Swat and FATA – are American made – Washington was quick to cover its dirty game against anti-Israel Pakistanis – by saying that some of its arms given to Karzai puppet government in Kabul have reached in the hands of "Pakistani Taliban" fighing Islamabad. How convenient, eh!"

Indeed, how convenient. Probably planted in deliberate haste.
Considering precisely how many weapons floating around Paki badlands actually are American made - probably vast majority - there is no scarcity of weapons for proofs.
Do any of the weapons that the US ever provided to the Pakistan military ever even remain in the hands of said military, or do they disappear pretty damn quick into hands of tribals and nutballs?
What about money paid to Pakistani government? Which Pakistani generals and politicians can now afford comfy retirements on the broken backs of the American taxpayer. Most of them? Vast majority? Or only those who are most skilled thieves? Must be cause for resentment, what?

In conclusion, Satinder Singh, the author of the piece, has done no more than spout the usual insane Pakistani accusations. Such as is customary. In short: Pakistan is not to blame for anything, Pakistanis nicest people on earth. Jews and Americans are to be blamed for everything. And Indians.

"Israel bad, America bad, India bad - all three Zionist.
Pakistan is very nice - not Zionist."

As an afterthought, I suspect that Satinder Singh doesn't really exist. He is merely the pen name of badly paid babooji karani in Pakistani Intelligence, spouting tale per pay for the Pakistan Daily, itself scarce more than an organ subsidized by and cooperating with Pakistan government. A real Sikh would be able to use spell-check. The many errors in alleged mister Singh's piece suggest low-level education, probably in a madrassah.

So, mister Atboth, to answer, I must say yes. All of the above. It is the water, and it is the heat. There is far too much ganja in their little pea-brains. The inbreeding has narrowed their frontal lobes to slice of supermarket ham thinness. And there have been many generations of bhainchotery indeed among them.
That is, precisely and approximately, what it is with those morons.

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