Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Palestine does not exist, and should not exist

Everybody seems to agree that Israel should allow (or enable) the Palestinians to create the state that is rightfully theirs.

Except, it isn't.

Palestine is a geographic term of Roman origin. Palestinians, therefore, are the people who live in Palestine. At present, the "Palestinian" population consists of Jews, Arabs, Turks, Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, and several Baptist missionaries who can't read maps and figure out how to leave (they've been there for almost a century, which is somewhat longer than many of the Arabs).

In 1948 the Jews formed a state in the areas that they controlled. Meaning more or less the areas where they were both a majority and the dominant group. They extended equal rights to non-Jews. The other Arabs were appalled, and with British encouragement (and several ex-Nazis advising them) tried to destroy the new state, fully intending to slaughter the Jews. They failed. The Arab war against Israel was fought by Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq, acting on behalf of the entire Arab umma. The idea of a separate state for "Palestinians" was rejected at that time by the Arabs, and in any case, were unconcerned with the weal or woe of the "Palestinians".
The Arabs lost.

In 1967 the Arabs again fought against Israel, again rejecting the concept of a Palestinian state. This time, Syria, Egypt, and Jordan fought on behalf of the entire Arab umma. The goal was not the creation of a state for Arabs, but the destruction of a state for Jews. The fate of the Palestinians was not germane, exterminating the Jews was, again, the goal.
The Arabs lost.

In 1973, the Egyptian and Syrian armies launched a surprise attack. Their aim was to wipe out the shame of previous failures to slaughter the Jews and conquer Israel. The idea of liberating the Palestinian Arabs, most of whom lived in Jordan and miserable refugee camps in Lebanon, was not foremost, and possibly not even hindmost, in the minds of the generals, sheikhs, and politicians of the Arab world at that time - their lost honor was the fuel that drove their war.
The Arabs lost.

There never has been a Palestinian Arab state.

The Palestinian Arabs exist as a people only in opposition to the Jewish state. Palestinian nationalism, until 1967, existed solely as a hatred of Jews. Since 1967 Palestinian nationalism has been fuelled by the discrimination against "Palestinians" by Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt - who conspire to keep them in camps, or deny them the rights of citizens, though supporting their desire to kill the Jews. The only way that the Palestinian Arabs will win the respect, love even, of other Arabs, is if they restore Arab pride by eradicating the dishonor of three disastrous wars and exterminating the Israelis.

Given that the only reason that there are Palestinians is the existence of Israel, the removal of Israel will mean the end of the Palestinians.

Perhaps that is why the world backs the creation of a Palestinian state.
Two birds with one stone.


Anonymous said...

israel should not exist and soon it wont, i personally cant wait for the kikes to get either killed or sent back to europe. and for the arab jews, too bad, you dont have a home anymore.

The back of the hill said...

Well hello there, anonymous troll!

I note that, in keeping with your small-mindedness, which no doubt reflects a small measly little fellow, of tiny accomplishments and even less capacity, and almost certainly of minute masculinity, that you eschew the use of majuscule (capital letters). Even when writing the first person singular.

How perfectly and deliciously appropriate. Kudos. You know yourself well.

History Researcher said...

The Back of the Hill, that was an awesome comment. I'm researching for a history homework and stumbled apon this article, and may I just say, I might have been convinved. But it was written in such an arrogant, smug manner, which made me do a rethink. Apon re-reading it I found it completely biased.

(sorry for not seeing that the first time round, I'm not very good at that sort of thing)