Friday, August 21, 2009

Peace between Arab and Jew

In 1948 the Jews accepted partition, and offered peace to the Arabs.
The Arabs refused.

In 1967 the Jews won a major war, and wished to discuss peace.
The Arabs refused.

In 1973, the Jews survived an Arab attack on Israel, and repelled those who wished to slaughter them. Again, they desired peace.
The Arabs refused.

Several times since then, more often than can be counted, Israel has tried to achieve peace.
The Arabs refused.

The Arabs do not wish to discuss peace with Israel because Israel speaks from a position of strength. Were Israel to speak from a position of weakness, the Arabs would see no reason to talk peace.

Consequently it is unlikely that there ever will be peace between Arab and Jew.
That being so, why bother treating the Arabs as potential negotiating partners?

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Anonymous said...

The Muslims that gathered in pre-state Israel have had statehood at their fingertips since the 1937 Peel Commission Plan! After 1923 when 2/3 of the British Mandate of Palestine was illegally severed to create Jordan, Arab intransigence and, thus rejection of the first partition plan between Jews and Arabs ALSO blocked the earlier creation of Israel nine years earlier. Imagine if there had been a Jewish state BEFORE the Holocaust, when Jews were unable to obtain visas. Similarly, people haven't contemplated the Jewish lives lost to the Holocaust solely as a result, direct or indirect, of the British blockade of Jewish immigration UNTIL 1948, 3 years after the horrors of Shoah were revealed,in a naive attempt to appease the Arab side. during WWII while the Jews of pre-state Israel joined the British Army to fight the Nazis, the British Navy ALSO fought poor Jewish refugees and imprisoned them behind barbed wire for the crime of trying to literally live, "Lashonah habah b'Yerushaliym" like all Jews. Oh yeah, the naive British attempts at appeasing the Arabs? The Arab world, and in particular the Arabs of pre-state Israel openly and proudly sided with the Nazis.