Monday, August 24, 2009

Palestinian organs and Jan Helin, Swedish purveyor of rotten herring

The editor of Aftonbladet claims that publishing a venomous blood-libel is the right thing to do. Never mind that there is no evidence. Never mind that the charges clearly serve the extremists. Never mind that the accusations are of the type so often proven deliberately invented.
Never mind even that the only purpose of the accusation is to foment hatred and bigotry against Jews.


There are so very few Jews in Sweden, and so many Muslims, that there is NO point in pandering to the Jews - far better to pander to the Muslims, for the benefit of Swedish society. Thus one may prevent unpleasant street actions, and win brownie points for later.
In addition to currying favor with the Arab nations that produce the fuel for Swedish industry and cars.

Who knows, there may even be an appreciative market for Swedish cured fish products in the Middle East, to match the marked Arab appreciation of Swedish blondes.
Gotta do something to keep up the Swedish impact on civilization, ja.

Jan Helin defended his decision to publish the blood libel, "because it raises a few question".
He further avers that he is a responsible editor, though he admitted that there was no evidence whatsoever for the allegations.


The allegations raise questions. Therefore they must be published.

I have heard from several sources that Swedish women have staggeringly loose morals.
This allegation also raises questions.
Additionally, I have been told that Swedish men are insensitive brutes who reek of stale fish.
This allegation also raises questions.
Swedish high-schoolers are hard-drinking alcoholics at an early age, and given to random fits of violence and hooliganism.
This allegation also raises questions.

The kingdom of Sweden is a booze and venereal disease sodden hellhole with a high incidence of genetic defects and inbreeding, the perversion capitol of Europe, and there are gangs of diseased grammar school drop-outs living in the sewer system of Stockholm that come out at night and rape elderly women and foreigners.

Ja, these allegations raise kvestions. Ja.


The scurrilous article, 'They plunder the organs of our sons', was prominently featured in Aftonbladet on Tuesday of last week. Both the writer of the piece (Donald Bostrom), and the newspaper itself are known for their anti-Israel bias. As are, for that matter, many Swedes.
Which explains the Swedish foreign ministry citing 'freedom of the press' as the justification for refusing to condemn the article, and excoriating the Swedish Ambassador to Israel for voicing disapproval after it was published.

A second article featuring the accusation that Israelis steal Palestinian organs was published on Sunday, and Aftonbladet defiantly insisted that Israel prove the contrary, and in any case cease the practice - which the articles suggest has been ongoing since 1992 or before.
Jan Helin and his dear friend Donald Bostrom have made up their minds about the issue, or in any case about the value of spreading the slander.

Sales, advertising revenue, and anti-Semitism - all manifestly good things.

One question that now must be asked is whether there is any human decency in modern-day Sweden.
Can decency even exist in such an environment?

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