Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ann Coulter comes out of the closet

No, she isn't gay. At least I hope not - I would NEVER want another woman to suffer!
She came out of the closet as someone who at the very least seems to have issues about Jews. I'm putting it lightly (and trying to avoid that word "anti-Semite" - it's SO overused, don't you think?)
Which is very Christian of her, though many other, normal, Christians have moved on from the middle-ages.

Friar Yid takes her to task:
"Rather than criticize his church or Lynn's professional career as a Church-State Activist, Ann instead prefers to call him a fake minister, (and presumably a fake Christian,) who hates religion. A point she makes by accusing him of being a Jew."

[It's his opinion piece about Ann Coulter's latest stream of bat's piss, which you may read here, though why you would want to is beyond me. It is utterly vile, as you no doubt expect from her and her cohorts at World Nut Daily. Vomit.]

He (Friar Yid) also takes her apologists to task - several of whom at least claim to be Jewish. Which is NOT unusual. Not only are there Jews who stress their Jewishness on the far left, proudly asserting their Jewishness when slamming Israel or other Jews, but there are also such people on the ultra-right, who make sure that you know they are Jewish when they defend a fellow-traveler who said something 'unfortunate'.

If they were Chinese-American, we would call them banana. Blacks, of course, are familiar with Oreos.

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