Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sheikh Tamimi contradicts the Koran and the hadiths

Following up on Chaim ben David's post detailing the Palestinian Academic position that the Jews have no connection with the Western Wall (aka Wailing Wall, more commonly known as the Kotel), it is interesting to see that Islamic Jurisprudence closely parrots the party line.

One would not have expected clerics to obey corrupt secular liars. But these are Palestinians.

Quote: "The Palestinian Authority's chief Islamic judge, Sheikh Tayseer Rajab Tamimi, said on Wednesday that there was no evidence to back up claims that Jews had ever lived in Jerusalem or that the Temple ever existed."


Sheikh Tayseer Rajab Tamimi appears not to have a sound grasp of the meaning of the word 'evidence'.
His knowledge of history sucks, and he's going against the facts. He obviously values obedience to those who issue his paycheck in Ramallah far more than he does the Koran, the hadiths, or the truth.

Quote: "Tamimi claimed that all excavation work conducted by Israel after 1967 "failed to prove that Jews had a history or presence in Jerusalem or that their ostensible temple had ever existed." "

This ridiculous opinion will surely be echoed by the pro-Palestinian crowd in the Bay Area, who are starlingly obtuse and ignorant - "a Palestinian JUDGE said so, so it MUST be true!"

If you repeat a lie often enough....

Previously, Chaim ben David illuminated the similar (and similarly ridiculous) claim by Palestinian Academic Shamekh Alawneh, "modern historian":
Shamekh Alawneh had asserted that "the Jews invented the connection to the Wall for political purposes".

Quote: "... the creative approach to Palestinian history from Ramallah - it's not just ignorant American and European activists doing the inventing, it's also Arab "academics".
If it weren't for Israel, Palestinian literature would not exist. There would be no poetry, no fiction, no fantasy........"

Palestinians, for both secular studies and religious studies, must have considerably lower standards than even the Europeans, so one waits with baited breath for the next staggering example of ideologically driven ignorance from the mob.
It shall not be long in coming.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps anti-Israel prof, Ilan Pappe said it best,"Its not about the truth,its about advancing an ideology."