Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers

The purpose of this blog is to provide a forum for several Bay Area bloggers who support Israel's right to exist, with secure borders, as a nation for the Jewish People in the land of their forefathers.

The ultimate borders of the state, as well as which settlements must be included (and which Arab areas may be relinquished) - these are issues that still need to be decided upon, by Israel. Whether in fact it is necessary or even desirable to have normal relations with the surrounding countries is also something that must be decided, also by Israel.

It is accepted that the Arabs have strong opinions about these matters. What is up for debate is to what extent any of their opinions should be taken into account.

I shall send invitations to a number of bloggers to join. Those who decide to take part will form a more-or-less collective leadership which will have the option of inviting other bloggers.

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