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In January of this year, people around the world were outraged to hear that a Dutch parliamentarian (Harry van Bommel) had joined an anti-Israel protest at which calls to exterminate the Jews were chanted.
They should not have been surprised, though. It is quite standard for Dutch activists to support some of the most reprehensible movements - the Khmer Rouge were Dutch darlings in the seventies, the narco-terrorists in Columbia are currently favourites, and Arab psychopaths have always been valued highly by 'sociaal bewogen Nederlanders'.

On Ray Cook's blog, more detail is provided about that parliamentarian.


"Of course, the common interest of the extreme Left, Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran is their loathing of Zionism. The fact that this includes loathing of Jews generally is glossed over by the Left, is denied or represented as paranoia or an attempt to scotch criticism of Israel. It is why the Dutch Labour Party supports demonstrations at which bigots call out "Hamas Hamas, Joden aan het Gas" (Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas)."

The most recent riotous manifestations of that chant were during the Gaza cleanup, most notoriously the demonstration on January 3 in Amsterdam at which Socialist Party member of parliament Harry van Bommel played a leading role.

The cited blogger, Ray Cook (, provides a link to a video of Harry van Bommel at that demonstration.
One of the other chants in that clip is "Hamas, Hamas, nafdeek ya Falastin" ('Hamas, Hamas, we will redeem you oh Palestine').

What Harry van Bommel chants is "Intifada, intifada, Palestina vrij" ('violent terrorist struggle, violent terrorist struggle, Palestine free').

Anyhow, click on the link above and read the post. It's about the very European idea that despite Hamas swearing to exterminate all Jews, Israel should just shut up and accept them as a partner.
Harry van Bommel would even go one step further.


Emerson Vermaat goes into quite some detail on old Harry here:
[Gretta Duisenberg and Harry van Bommel - Two Dutch Hamas Apologists ]

"Harry van Bommel, that other demonstrator in Amsterdam who shouted "Intifadah! Intifadah!" is a very interesting fellow. In fact, his secular lifestyle differs substantially from the severe lifestyle of his fundamentalist Hamas friends. Although a married man, van Bommel has a reputation of being a womanizer. There even is at least one report claiming he harassed a Jordanian woman employed by the Dutch Embassy in Amman. She officially complained in July 2007 saying she had been harassed by Dutch Socialist Party member of parliament van Bommel during the latter's visit to Jordan. "

There's lots more where that came from.

Along with some lovely background on that verkrampte antisemitische kreng, the widow Gretta Duisenberg.


Ray Cook was educated at Liverpool University. He is married, has two children and a cat. Little is known about the cat. He lives with his family (and the cat) in England.

Emerson Vermaat, MA (law), is an investigative reporter specialized in terrorism and crime. His latest book "Nazi's, Communisten en Islamisten" ("Nazis, Communists and Islamists") was published in October/November 2008 by "Aspekt Publishers" in Soesterberg, the Netherlands.
He frequently visited the Middle East and North Africa, usually for Dutch television. In 1996 he made the TV news report "The Making of a Suicide Bomber," which was aired in over 40 countries (World Television News, WTN). In a 1997 Dutch study on Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism the author described the central role of Osama bin Laden in international terrorism, being the first European journalist to do so.

There are more of his articles here:

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