Monday, August 31, 2009

Say no to Swedish Meatballs!

Coming up this week: a calm and rational protest at the Swedish Consulate.

Where: 120 Montgomery Street (at Sutter), San Francisco
When: Wednesday September 2, 5-6 PM

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Why: Because the Swedish Government decided to stand behind the mock-journalist Donald Bostrom, who alleged, without even a shred of evidence, that Israeli soldiers were kidnapping and killing Palestinians in order to harvest organs to be used for transplantation.

For a good backgrounder:

"As documented in the Jerusalem Post, Bostrom freely admits that he has no evidence whatsoever to back up this blood libel, but indicted that it is up to Israelis to prove innocence in this matter. When the Swedish Ambassador to Israel rightfully condemned this hate speech hiding behind the curtain of "free speech", she was condemned back home in Sweden where some members of the government urged her recall.The government of Sweden has refused to condemn the blood libel, on grounds of "freedom of the press." Yet Sweden apparently has no problems censoring free speech when it is militant Muslims who are upset—in 2006, the Swedish Foreign Minister shut down a website displaying cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed."

End quote.

Further background here:

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The accusation of organ harvesting is of course little more than pro-Palestinian propaganda by a writer who stands infamous for an extremist anti-Jewish and anti-Israel point of view, printed in a feuilleton notorious for pandering to the lowest biases and preconceptions of its readers.

If Donald Bostrom cannot find news on his doorstep, or in his toilet, he will invent it. Reporter is a name for which he can but strive, a title which he scarce deserves.

And Aftonbladet, the gutter rag which printed his opinion piece (they themselves called it such, as if to excuse its dissemination), thrives on scandal, dead babies, raped farm animals, embarrassed celebrities, and other staples of newspapers at the kitty-box liner niveau of news media.
It is, which surprises me, one of the most popular papers in Scandinavia. I would have thought that they were better than that over there. But apparently, not.

So, to indicate that civilized people do not consider racialist rumor-mongering, hate speech, and vile bigotry, the normal or natural content of news media, nor matters covered by freedom of the press and justifying the official defense that Donald Bostrom and Aftonbladet received, we will be outside the Swedish Consulate during rush hour Wednesday.

See you there. Please do not bring herring.
If you have a recipe for Swedish Meatballs that contains no Swedes, so much the better.

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