Friday, August 8, 2014

Block the Boat earns the endorsement of the PFLP terror group

The Aug 16 blockade of a Zim cargo ship in the port of Oakland has the endorsement of the PLFP terror group, who write
 "The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine praises the direct actions taken by various groups around the world to shut down the operations of the war machine assaulting the Palestinian people, and calls for increasing and escalating these actions everywhere the occupier and its supporters are present.

The Front commended the multiple direct actions around the world targeting Israeli embassies, consulates, institutions and corporations, including the 2-day occupation of an Elbit arms factory outside Birmingham, UK; the blockade of the Israeli embassy in The Hague; the shutdown of El Al’s ticket counter in Athens; popular de-shelving and removal of Israeli products in Ireland; and actions in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Albuquerque in the United States at Israeli missions and consulates, Bank Leumi, Israel Discount Bank, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin, as well as a upcoming blockade of an Israeli ZIM Ship in Oakland, California."
To the other endorsers:
American Friends Service Committee
American Muslims for Palestine
ANSWER Coalition
Arab Youth Organizing (AYO)
AROC: Arab Resource & Organizing Center
Black Organizing Leadership and Dignity (BOLD)
Catalyst Project
CodePink Washington
Descoloniza a Oakland/Decolonize Oakland
Free Palestine Movement
Freedom Archives
Friends of Deir Ibzi'a
General Union of Palestine Students – SFSU
Global Women’s Strike
Haiti Action Committee
International Action Center
International Jewish Anti Zionist Network
International Socialist Organization
Jewish Voice for Peace
Justice for Palestinians
Malcolm X Grassroots Movement
Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA)
NorCal Friends of Sabeel
ONYX Organizing Committee
Palestinian Youth Movement
Queers Undermining Israeli Terror
San Francisco Green Party
SOUL: School of Unity and Liberation
Students for Justice in Palestine – Cal
Totally Radical Muslims
US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
US Committee for the Academic and Cultural Boycott
US Palestinian Community Network
World Can't Wait Bay Area
Workers World Party
Xicana Moratorium

You are known by the company you keep. How can you  stand in solidarity with a terrorist group, responsible for heinous murders, kidnapping and hijacking throughout the globe?  According to a  recent report by the Shurat HaDin (the Israel law center) the "PFLP is responsible  or numerous suicide bombings, airplane hijackings, and assassinations, including some of the most notorious international terror attacks of the 1970s."

From the report
There is overwhelming evidence that the PFLP is continuing its terrorist activities. In 2001, Israel’s domestic security service, the Shabak (a.k.a. The Israel Security Agency), broke up a series of coordinated PFLP terror cells in Ramallah. The Shabak report states that the network was planning to kidnap an Israeli soldier in order to demand the release of Palestinian terrorists, similar to Hamas’ kidnapping of Gilad Shalit in 2006. 

In addition, plans were in place to attack Jewish settlements, bomb the roads around Jerusalem, and murder suspected collaborators. Two similar networks were uncovered in 2012, and a third in May 2013. As recently as January 2014, two PFLP terrorists in Gaza were killed in an Israeli airstrike due to their involvement in firing rockets at Israeli civilians.
Its yet another example of the increasingly unhinged  and shameless hypocrisy of groups like Jewish Voice for Peace and the American Friends Service Committee, who self-righteously provide cover for the forces of evil and of terror.


Poyani said...

"You are known by the company you keep."

Interesting comment in support of the last and only ally of South Africa's Apartheid government.

Anonymous said...

Who do you think sold the apartheid state their oil, Poyani?