Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Seattle: Block the Boat fail

The Seattle block the boat party fared about as well as the Tacoma action, with the targeted Zim Chicago docking and unloading right on schedule

From our neighbors to the north, via the Mike Report

Following embarrassing efforts in the Bay Area and a complete flop in Tacoma, the block the boat circus finally made it to the Port of Seattle's Terminal 18 on Harbor Island where the Zim Chicago was scheduled to dock this afternoon.

Demonstrators began to arrive around 3:45pm and at their height numbered about seventy. What they lacked in numbers though, they made up for in unrestrained obnoxiousness. The pro-Hamas activists taunted and provoked police officers and harassed the hard working truckers and union workers who depend on the port for their livelihood.

Screaming in a glass shattering high decibel voice, a woman self identified as Mary Jane ordered truckers to turn off their vehicles and to honor their picket line. Her pleas were universally ignored as truckers and dock workers pressed through the thin cordon. Eventually law enforcement offered the terror-groupies the choice of getting off the street or facing arrest. One chose arrest, the rest reluctantly complied.

Officers were pelted with epithets, one protester screamed "what the hell are you doing you f*cking pig!" Another offered a police officer the one finger salute.

Read it all here. (Pssst. He's got photos!)
And what did the Block the boaters do in the face of incontrovertible failure?  They declared victory.


Anonymous said...

considering it was delayed for several days, not sure I'd call it a complete fail and just because someone disagrees with Israeli actions doesn't mean they support terrorism. I've read a lot of biased articles but this is the worst.

Anonymous said...

also your link to see the supposedly great pics leads to nowhere.....good job

Dusty said...

The boat was not delayed for "several days" From the post: "A police officer informed us that the Zim Chicago unloaded exactly on schedule and the punk antics of the pro-terror crowd had “zero impact” on port operations. "

Dusty said...

And anonymouse, the links work just fine. You need to click on them.

Anonymous said...

No. No delay. From the Jewish Sound, a Seattle Paper "In Seattle, Block the Boat only succeeded in blocking the public roadway adjacent to the terminal, impeding cargo-filled trucks and mothers with their kids from driving through... Workers reported for work and all of the cargo that was going to be handled was handled,” Peter McGraw, the support and real estate supervisor for the Port of Seattle told the Jewish Sound. “They arrived and left on schedule.”

The back of the hill said...


The back of the hill said...

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Anonymous said...

Count Chant this...

From the River to the Sea,
Pal-e-SWINE Will Never Be!