Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer of hate in San Francisco

Its shaping up to be the Summer of hate in San Francisco. On social media, repulsive images of antisemitism and child abuse have surfaced from the anti-Israel rallies of the past few weeks.

From Twitter from the account of @CuzImEman, who shows a photo of her daughters getting ready to attend the July 26 anti-Israel protest and proudly proclaims

"My Youth at the protest today

Can you imagine any parent sitting down with her girls to create an art project- taking out the glitter glue, and the paints, and construction paper- and then using it to create a swastika?  Can you imagine anyone in America or in the world proudly having their  children exhibit a swastika?  If this woman is so proud of her girls' public expression of intolerance and hate, can you imagine what they must be taught in private?

Its a sobering thought to say the least.

At least this repugnant art project is held by an adult.

Yes, thats an open display of support for the terror group Hamas, in arguably the most liberal city in America.

Anywhere there are public displays of antisemitism and intolerance, can Jewish Voice for Peace be far behind?

Marching proudly along the anti-Semites,  and the Hamas supporters were none other than  their JVP enablers.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think @CuzImEman deserves new shoes.
(see Twitter background)