Friday, August 8, 2014

Norweigan Reporter on the "Siege" of Gaza

Jorgen Lohne has covered all the three wars between Hamas and Israel. A journalist from Norway's largest newspaper, Aftenposten  Lohne has written about a Gaza we seldom hear about: (original in Norweigan, translation courtesy of Google)
 "Moreover, while the poor people of Gaza are suffering under long-term power disconnections, our five star hotel generators to ensure that air cooling system running.

And while locals waiting in long lines to buy their daily bread, in constant fear of not getting enough water, we eat in fine restaurants offering us everything we want - except alcohol, of course, because it is prohibited by the Hamas-board ...
Should we feel the need to buy our own food or other items, we always go to one of Gaza's supermarkets offering all kinds of goods to us and others who have money. There are many here who need not be dependent on gift packages from the UN agency UNRWA."

'Hey, no pictures!' screamed a store owner when he saw my cameras: 'If you show what we have here, no one will believe we are under embargo.'"
For a sampler of what is available in Gaza, check out Palestine Todays photos of the Gaza Metro Mart  Al Remal - Al Shuhadaa St., here.

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