Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sodastream: Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for.
Anti-Israel activists are essentially parasites, willing to sacrifice everything, including their host, to advance their cause. Sadly, most anti-Israel activists are also willing to sacrifice the Palestinians- the very people they purport to help
Although the 900 Palestinians employed by Sodastream, by most accounts are very happy working there, the home carbonation device has long attracted the ire of the hate Israel cru, because it is located on the ‘wrong” side of the mythical green line.
In 2015, SodaStream will be moving to the Negev, leaving the Palestinians once happily employed there without work.
This is being touted by BDS activists as a major victory.
The Palestinians employed by Sodastream may feel differently.
"Those who seek to help the Palestinians end up hurting us,” commented Nabil Bashrat, 40, a resident of Ramallah who worked at the SodaStream factory. ”(The factory) provides income to hundreds of families, entire villages. Peace is what happens here inside, and not outside. Those who are abroad don’t understand the relations and actually sabotage the process. The factory draws us closer. Even in times of instability, as was during the war in Gaza, everything was as usual here.”


Anonymous said...

Reading all the political talk, it's nice to be reminded that, for the time being, most people don't even care. SodaStream even has a partnership with KitchenAid.

Anonymous said...

One more thing...the comments on the article about the new model are all about the pros and cons of the machine, not a word about politics. I wonder, did cnet censor the political comments, or do most healthy, normal people not obsess about Jews?