Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jewish voice for peace gets it wrong. Again.

Determined to keep the BS in BDS, JVP's already tenuous grasp of reality is fracturing further.

Poor Jewish Voice for Peace is still trying to come to grips with superstar Scarlett Johansson's decision to remain as the celebrity spokesperson for the Israeli home carbonation device, Sodastream.   In a marvelous act of fantasy or perhaps simply delusion the team at Jewish Voice for Peace has declared victory over the same incident they bemoaned as a loss just 12 hours earlier.

Last night , JVP wrote on their facebook page "Oxfam's inaction allows Sodastream shill Scarlet Johansson to quit ambassador role, rather than be held accountable for promoting policies Oxfam staunchly opposes".  Its still there.

( Hmmm. Scarlet's been taking about peaceful coexistence and economic cooperation. Why does this upset JVP and Oxfam so much?)        

Yet today's email from Sydney Levy  at JVP declares this a boycott victory,  and claims that Oxfam dropped  Scarlett over "Sodastream ties".

Not quite, Sydney, not quite.

If Sydney (JVP's director of advocacy) had actually been following the news,  he might have seen this:

Scarlett Johansson Cuts Ties With Oxfam Over Differences on BDS Movement
or perhaps this:
Johansson steps down as Oxfam ambassador
or even this:
Scarlett Johansson Cuts Ties with Oxfam Over BDS

 Later, JVP's executive director  Rebecca Vilkomerson added her own unique bit of spin , claiming the superstar's decision to thumb her nose at BDS was proof of the "growing power" of BDS worldwide. Alright, then...

Let me be the first to wish them many more such "victories".


Gary Fouse said...

Are the 49-ers still "celebrating" their victory over the Seahawks?

Dusty said...

Don't rub it in, Gary.