Sunday, January 19, 2014

For the Card-carrying BDS-hole

Thanks to Hen Mazzig for this one, via Twitter

"I instruct the medical authorities , in case I fall ill ensure that no technical equipment is used in treatment which was wholly or partly developed in Israel."

Hen -you may also want to add a disclaimer on the card refusing generic drugs- after all, Israel based Teva Pharmaceuticals is the world's largest distributor of generic drugs

BDS holes, feel free to print this out and carry it in your wallet.  

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

this is great i saw this on farcebook earlier today. the anti-Soda Stream BDS FB page for weeks now has been over run by pro-Israel advocates goofing on those anti-Israel morons who started that page. they don't even bother to reply with rebuttals any more.