Sunday, August 23, 2009

San Jose pro-Israel presence

Formerly enemy territory, San Jose area now boasts a vibrant pro-Israel presence. A group of concerned citizens have organized to counter some of the blatant lies, anti-Semitism, and hatred which are standardly promoted by an organization calling itself the South Bay Mobilization.

From the j:

Pro-Israel group expands to S. Bay

The staunchly pro-Israel local organization S.F. Voice for Israel has started a new chapter, South Bay Voice for Israel, which will operate across the Peninsula and points south. In addition, S.F. Voice for Israel has formally allied itself with StandWithUs, a national organization. According to spokesperson Mike Harris, the organization will now be called StandWithUs/S.F. Voice for Israel, though he says it will retain operational independence continue to work with local Jewish community institutions.

Countering the Wallachites

As is well known, The South Bay Mobilization serves primarily as a mouth-piece for the Wallach sisters, Donna and Darlene Wallach, who have over the years become more and more Jew-hating and Arafat-loving. Donna Wallach, 57 years old, standardly refers to Tel Aviv as "occupied Palestine", kept company with Yasser Arafat, socializes with psychopaths (Ishmael Haniyeh, inter alia), and regularly participates in bizarre activities organized by Paul Larudee, Kate Rafael Bender, and other members of their cult.

She has a cat who is normal.

Both Darlene and Donna Wallach enthusiastically support Hamas and wish that organization every success in their effort to ethnically cleanse the Eastern Mediterranean of any trace of Jews and impose a theocratic dictatorship. Both sisters regularly give breathless speeches to others who more or less support the same goal, irrespective of creed or political affiliation - fascist, communist, wahabi, jihadi, or presbyterian.

They may also be available for children's parties - we haven't asked.

The recent Monday pro-Israel counterprotests in San Jose have particularly ired the Wallach twins, who thought they had that intersection all to themselves. Now that truth finally has a voice in San Jose, the sisters may just melt or spontaneously combust.

See you again tomorrow, Donna and Darlene. Please dress more appropriately this time, and brush your teeth - especially if you are going to yell at people.

Also, dump the keffiyehs - those things are SO 2003!
Honest.... can't take you girls anywhere.

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Anonymous said...

Everyonen should join us. They are so close mindedly ignorant, so hateful, and SO bitter that it makes it great fun! Its our chance to show San Jose that the Real Jewish community supports Israel. Remember, if we don't tell our own story, others will tell stories ABOUT us.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How do you know that Donna's cat is actually normal? Given that some cats even hate to wear collars, how do think that cat responds to being in a checkered keffiyeh?

ViciousKitty said...

I would imagine that the cat is the more intelligent of the two, by a very wide margin, and in any case pays as little attention as possible to the golem that operates the canopener.


Anonymous said...

I didn't realizeDonna and Darlene were sisters. I thought they were lovers who had been together so long they started to look like each other.

But still: Ew. Ew. Ew.
50 something and they still dress alike?

I sense arrested development

The back of the hill said...

I thought they were lovers who had been together so long they started to look like each other.

Ew gevalt! How.... icky!

Anonymous said...

Overheard on a San Jose street corner

"Oh, Donna, sweetest,let me lick your scales."
"Not in front of the Zionists, Darlene!"

I'm not a herpetologist or anything, but I think Donna's looking a bit stressed. Maybe she needs her litter changed more often.

Anonymous said...

Oh, there's been rampant speculation, but only the rankest of un-founded speculation, all un-proven, THUS FAR that, after rallies, the Wallachs shed their outwardly human appearing skin covering, relax in their iridescent scales,with a cold frosted glass of iced ouzo,human bile fluid and a twist, and clean each other's scales in front of big screen t.v. dvd re-runs of each other's colonoscopys. In essence, it seems to question their terrestrial origins, and obliquely inferes that the Wallachs are thus evil extra-terrestrial aliens. I, for one, am open minded about all things, and although this rumor seems wildly un-truthful, un-likely albeit fascinating, but, where there is smoke, there must be fire, and so, in the interest of even handednes, fair play, liberal free speech, I call upon this blog to give equal time to the Wallachs to present their full and complete views, no matter how aberrant, deviant, miscreant, malfactorous, amoral or un-acceptable as those views might be to civilized people if the Wallachs chose to take an open opportunity to do so.

"A Concerned Advocate of Free SPEECH"

Anonymous said...

"the Wallachs shed their outwardly human appearing skin covering, relax in their iridescent scales... and clean each other's scales in front of big screen t.v. dvd re-runs of each other's colonoscopys."

Now now, children. An ad hominem is not a rebuttal. Its a way to change the topic. Please keep the posts focused on the issues, not the reptilian characteristics of our not terribly esteemed opponents.