Sunday, October 11, 2015

Asoomii Jay spreads modern day blood libel

Assma Galuta, known to her YouTube Fans as Asoomii Jay, is a self described  "activist, blogger, model, and designer."

Asoomii Jay's Facebook page has 298,991  "likes"  and apparently she has a significant following.

On her facebook page, she posts this image, and writes

"This is not a shot from a movie; this is a heart breaking and outrageous image of Palestinian youth who just got shot in his chest by the terrorist Zionist army.
He died with pride, with dignity, and his head up facing this world full of hypocrisy and brutality.
Rest in peace.
May Allah grant you paradise.”

Except, Asoomii, that it is a scene from a movie.

This modern day blood libel has been exposed by the team at IsraellyCool- it is a scene from a movie "Kingdom of the ants"

The image can be found in a collection of stills from the movie

This is how hate goes viral.  Please contact Asoomii Jay and let her know that the fake image she has circulated (that has been shared, as of now,  over 2,800 times) is from a movie, and in the interest of truth, it needs to be removed and  retracted.

So many Palestinian "activists" live in a truth optional world. She may not respect the request, but at least she won't be able to claim that she didn't know.


Unknown said...

I went to their Facebook page and even after being told and shown the truth they still want to believe the lie.
These people are hopeless. So deep is their hatred that they can't see the truth.

Dusty said...

Thank you for trying. Others have also tried- but the hate that fuels these people trumps logic, history and truth.

Its truly pathology.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Islamist MUST SUBMIT TO INFIDELS.

A modern version of the demand and compliance of the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of National SOCIALIST Germany and Imperial Japan of WW2.

Unknown said...


I have been told it was from a movie scene and have removed it.

I was not aware as it was sent to me via email.

Sorry for the confusion and thank you for letting me know.

Best Regards


Unknown said...

Hello Admin

This has been brought to my attention and has been removed already.

Thanks for the heads up.


Asoomii Jay

Unknown said...

No... This picture is not from a movie. Tell me the movie title... There are thousands of images like this from Gaza where the Israelis killed dozens of thousands of Palestinians in the last decades. Yes, Israel occupier and terrorist state.

Dusty said...

Anonymouse: I have linked to the movie website. I mentioned the name of the movie: Kingdom of the ants. Asoomii Jay herself has removed the image, achkowledging that it was from a movie.

Pallywood. Fraud. And you attempt to shamelessly perpetuate the hoax.