Wednesday, October 28, 2015

American Muslims for Palestine: Celebrating British Colonialism

American Muslims for Palestine is doubling down on their assertion that the coins of the British mandate reflect their ancestral heritage

(Pssst. The Hebrew letters stand for Eretz Yisrael- the land of Israel)

From the  1925 New York Times,writing about the new coins

By a recent decision of the British government, Palestine is to have its own coinage, the names of the units sheckels, dinars and prutahs being those used  in an ancient monetary system closely connected with Jewish history

Two years after, in 1927, the New York Times announced the news coins with a headline "Hebrew Coins Circulate again"

The British colonial powers' homage to an ancient Israelite civilization is an odd thing for the American Muslims in Palestine to embrace  under the theme of "Reclaiming Our Narrative".  Perhaps "Borrowing a Narrative" or   "Inventing a Narrative"  might be closer to the truth.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i'm sure this would get a raving and ranting endorsement from that farrakhan lap dog piece of lying anti-Semitic shit jeremiah wright with all his "Jesus was a palestinian" bullshit. he called the Jews who fled europe from the Holocaust to The British Mandate of palestine "colonizers". bet he wouldn't call the mass muslim influx into europe that. so when muslims are flooding into europe because of muslim on muslim violence their refugees but when Jews are fleeing from genocidal Jew haters to their ancestral and historic homeland their "colonizers". a golden zionist shower on wright and the American muslims for paleswine compliments of yours truly.

Anonymous said...

Shlomo Ben Hungstien AKBAR!