Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Complete Guide to "Normalizing"

For the Palestinian activists and their hard left enablers: A guide to "normalizing", from the extremist PACBI.

Don't you dare humanize anyone who disagrees with you.  Don't even think it.

Its about "institutions", not  "individuals'. This will give you a convenient out if you are accused of "McCarthyite" tactics and blacklisting.  (But shhhh. You know as well as I do that its about individuals that disagree with you.)

There can be no solution to the conflict that leaves Israel intact.  Treat anyone who disagrees as an enemy.

 Justice = Just us. Just us. Just us. Just us.  Got it?  Good.

More advice for Palestinian activists and enablers:

Avoid genuine peace-seekers. Treat sincere attempts at dialog as an existential threat to your dignity. Speaking outside of your usual echo-chamber  may subject you to inconvenient truths, and therefore should be avoided.  Complain loudly about being silenced while refusing to talk to anyone who disagrees with you.  That's the battle-cry of an authentic Palestinian activist.


Anonymous said...

"The Left" normalizes islamofascism, terrorism, execution of gay teens in fascist iran, raping of Infidel girls by jihadis.

Anonymous said...

All people have the Right to Resist Islamofascism which has brought so much death and destruction to the world.

See 9/11, 1993 truck bombing of the WTC, 2005 London transport bombings, beheading of Lee Rigby, Daniel Pearl, murder of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, death decree on writer Salman Rushdie, Mumbai India massacre, Nairobi Kenya mall massacre, Boston Marathon bombing, bombing of Pan Am 103, Bali bombing, Madrid train bombing, Russian plane shoot down over Sinai...