Friday, October 16, 2015

Extremists seek to hijack Berkeley Human welfare commission

"Scapegoating Israel while shielding Palestinian leaders from accountability may be gratifying to some, but it won’t help Palestinians or Israelis build a more just and peaceful future."

From the J Weekly, the Jewish Newsweekly of Northern California,  written by Max Samarov and Johanna Wilder 

Extremists seek to hijack Berkeley welfare commission

On Oct. 21, the Berkeley Human Welfare and Community Action Commission will debate divestment from companies doing business with Israel. This is occurring despite the Berkeley city attorney’s opinion that the proposal is outside the scope of the commission, which exists to help the Berkeley City Council tackle poverty locally. But what is even more troubling is how extremists from the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement are pressuring the city of  Berkeley to abandon its progressive values and the vital mission of the commission to pursue a narrow, anti-Israel political agenda...

The city of Berkeley has a choice. It can allow its politics to be hijacked by extremists, or it can live up its progressive values and reject divestment. The welfare commission could then return to its critically important mission of advising the City Council on the social welfare needs of the community.

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A new vote will be held at the South Berkeley Senior Center 2939 Ellis St, Berkeley, Oct 21. Please be there by 6:30, to get a seat.  Let the Berkeley Human Welfare Commission know that extremist groups such as AMP and JVP do not speak for the Berkeley community

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