Monday, August 20, 2012

More Denial from the BDS crowd

In which alternate reality is a failure to achieve ones goals considered a successful action?

From the webpage of a group from the UK "Jews for Justice for Palestinians":

"In an email Action Alert (dateline 16 August 2012), Anna Baltzer of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation draws attention to a very successful action in Sonoma County, California"

A very successful action ?
The Sonoma Human Rights commission rejected their request to cancel Veolia's contract. Rejected as in No. Nada. Thanks but no thanks.

BDS Flops in Sonoma

No victory for BDS proponents in Sonoma County

Latest Divestment Effort Results in Yet Another Failure for BDS Movement

The Wheels on the bus : Veolia BDS fail in Sonoma

Regarding the "success" of the Sonoma Veolia action. Hmmm. As someone deeply committed to the side of light and truth, the best I can do is wish Anna, Dalit and Sydney many more years of such continued "success"

Apparently, the Jews for Justice for Palestinians have based their conclusion on an email from Anna Baltzer that reads in part (my comments are bold):

Last month, our newest coalition member group North Coast Coalition for
Palestine caught the attention of corporate America, multinationals, and official representatives of the State of Israel when they challenged renewal of a local bus operating contract with Veolia, a French conglomerate heavily implicated in the Israeli occupation.

In a stirring 5-hour session of testimonies, Sonoma County, CA residents
put the Israeli occupation and its corporate enablers on trial.

What Anna has conveniently forgotten, is that many of those offering "the stirring hours of testimony" were there simply to expose the BDS anti-Israel agenda. Many of the people speaking rejected her request that Veolia's 20 year commitment to providing bus service to Sonoma county be dropped because of a conflict thousands of miles away. At least 4 of the people speaking were long-term Veolia employees, desperately concerned that their jobs were being put in jeopardy because of someone else's narrow political agenda

It was historic...

No, not really. It was just one in a series of BDS fails.

The diverse, unpaid group of Palestinians,
Jews, artists, teachers, students, veterans, and activists...

Dalit Baum is salaried. Sydney Levy is salaried. Anna Baltzer is salaried. And they aren't even Sonoma County residents. They are paid professional shills who jet around the country promoting an anti-Israel agenda.

were simply asking for the local Commission on Human Rights to recommend that the Board of Supervisors investigate Veolia prior to renewing contracts in 2014.

And the Commission said "No".

Here's where it gets interesting and where Anna Baltzer tips her hand. She writes:

"This is what the future of our movement could look like -- local communities putting the occupation and its US institutional supporters on trial in courthouses, town halls, and municipal departments across the nation, in truly grassroots and democratic campaigns with global reach."

Could that be the real BDS goal? To Anna Baltzer the Sonoma Human Rights Commission are as much pawns in her little game as Veolia. They exist as a vehicle, as a host organism to spread her hate-filled program. The whole goal of this carefully orchestrated BDS "movement" is to hijack our civic institutions to amplify an anti-Israel agenda. BDS is a parasitical movement, happy to sacrifice its host to achieve its goal. Its not about achieving any tangible result- its about the level of noise created.

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