Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hotel owner must pay damages for discriminating against Jewish fundraiser

"If my (family finds) out there's a Jewish event here, they're going to pull money from me immediately."

Friends of the IDF had scheduled a pool party and fundraiser in the Shangri-la hotel in Santa Monica. Owner Tehmina Adaya ordered that signs and banners promoting the event be removed, and allegedly yelled, "Get these [expletive] Jews out of my pool," as she ordered a halt to the fundraiser.

A jury decided that the hotel decided that the hotel and Adaya violated California's Unruh Civil Rights Act, which bars hotels and other business from discriminating on the basis of sex, race, color or religion, and awarded the Friends of the IDF awarding $1.2 million statutory damages. An amount for punitive damages will be determined Thursday.

Yeah. its all about the "occupation".

From Verdict Search California
Vol. 11 Issue 37  Sept 24 2012
The jury unanimously found that the hotel and Adaya had violated California state law. It also decided
that almost every one of the 18 individual plaintiffs was negligently inflicted with emotional distress and that most had been intentionally inflicted with emotional distress. Thus, the jury ordered Adaya and Indus Investments to pay $1.25 million in damages and statutory penalties, with each individual plaintiff awarded differing amounts, including some individual plaintiffs who were awarded sums adding up to more than $100,000. The jury also found that Adaya and the hotel had acted with malice, oppression or fraud. Subsequently, the jury awarded punitive damages of $440,000.  Therefore, the total
recovery would be $1.69 million.

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