Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Flotillas promised

In spite of the lowest unemployment rate in a decade , and in spite of economic growth of 31 %, new flotillas are being planned for Gaza.

This time they aren't even pretending its about delivering aid, though.

Italian anti-Israel activist Germano Monti of "Freedom Flotilla - Italy," announced to Palestine Today the intention of resuming flotillas in an attempt to puncture the UN sanctioned maritime blockade of Gaza . Different ships will sail from different ports at irregular intervals, in an effort to stymie Israeli security precautions.

The planned launch, said Monti will include ten groups of passengers and cargo ships. The final plan will be developed in the meeting of the International Coalition for the Freedom Flotilla, which will soon be held in Stockholm, Sweden. The flotillas will be coordinated with other assaults on Israel's borders- including another Flytilla scheduled for the spring, and the Global March on Jerusalem

No, its not about humanitarian aid. It never was.

Gaza’s economy in the second quarter of 2011

*Gaza’s construction sector grew by 4,500 workers
*The GDP in Gaza reached 426 million dollars, an increase of 30.7% compared to the same time period the previous year

The latest developments in Gaza
*In the first nine months of 2011, 4,497 truckloads (on average) entered Gaza on a monthly basis; an increase of 96% compared to last year
*Gaza residents were permitted to export textiles, furniture and agricultural goods
*Approved permits for upgrading six hospitals and constructing seven new clinicals
*Approval of plans to rehabilitate and build 57 new schools and kindergartens
*One-hundred Gaza business men cross daily into Israel, as well as participants in conventions and conferences held outside of Gaza
*Thousands of Palestinians cross the border to receive Israeli medical care

And in spite of this, rockets and mortars continue to rain down on Israeli civilians. Over one million Israeli civilians remain at risk. According to The Israel Project’s count, terrorists fired 653 rockets at Israel this year as of December 29, compared with 238 in 2010.

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