Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another BDS Epic Fail: Legend Barbra Streisand performs in FIDF fundraiser

Legendary performer Barbra Streisand performed Thursday night at a Friends of the Israel Defense Forces" Gala in Los Angeles.

From Barbra's website:
Barbra’s set included four songs.

•“The Windmills of your Mind”
•“The Way We Were”
•“Avinu Malkeinu” – which Barbra recorded originally in 1997 on her triple-platinum album, “Higher Ground.” Translated into English, “Our Father, Our King” is a Jewish prayer traditionally sung during the Jewish High Holidays.

The event was also attended by Jason Alexander – who was “Master of Ceremonies” – and “Gala Chairs” Cheryl & Haim Saban.

The FIDF proudly offers its support to Israel’s soldiers and their families through a variety of unique and innovative programs and projects. FIDF programs fund educational scholarships; provide social services and financial aid to distressed young soldiers to help their families stay afloat; and support special programs for the children and families of fallen soldiers. Additionally, FIDF constructs dozens of major capital projects that include sports centers, synagogues, auditoriums, recreational facilities, and swimming pools all of which provide for the well-being of Israel's soldiers.

From an article at Jewish Journal by Ilana Angel

"Barbra Streisand is not a regular human being. She is magic. She made Jewish girls beautiful, sings to me with the voice of an angel, and inspired me to study Torah through Yentl, which I think is cinematic genius. Barbra Streisand is iconic to many, but to me it’s personal as she touches so much of my Jewish identity."

Many people feel that way about Barbra Streisand. So heres to you, Barbra for standing up for your hertiage, and for standing with Israel.

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warning to the bdsers...eff with streisand and you will have to deal with mecha streisand