Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Its been a Day of BDS Failures

Its a heavy drinking day in Camp BDS. The BDS'ers are squirming restlessly. They are patting each other on the back and whispering to each other "Its ok. Even when we lose, we still win", while taking swigs of watermelon vodka and sobbing uncontrollably.

The day began with the news that Apple, yes, that super big, trendy company named after a fruit is opening a new research and development office in Israel. Thats in addition to its rumored purchase of Israel-based flash storage provider Anobit for nearly $500 million. Its almost as if Apple never even heard of the Palestinian civil society, and their call to Bully, Demonize and Scapegoat Israel. The new development center will reportedly be headed by Aharon Aharon, a veteran in Israel's technology industry.

The Israel facility will be Apple's first strategic development center located outside of the company's Cupertino California headquarters.

From Arutz Sheva:

"... Apple will finally be joining other global tech leaders who have, for years, had large development centers in Israel. Microsoft has nearly 1,000 people working on R&D in Israel – and its teams here have come up with some important innovations, such as the networking technology at the center of every version of Windows for the past decade. Google has not one, but two development centers in Israel – the only country in the world outside the U.S. so honored. Much of Intel's laptop technology was developed at its two R&D centers in Israel. And Motorola – which first set up shop in Israel in 1964 – Cisco, IBM, Oracle, and many others have been here for decades."

And if it were just that, we could say "Kiss my BDS" and call it a day. But wait. There's more.

The Cal State University system has joined the Ivy League and New York State University in rescinding a ban on its students studying in Israeli universities after 9 years. The CSU system has 23 campuses and over 420,000 students.

And for you, David Klein, CSU Northridge: Nice try. Im sure Edie is patting you on the back and whispering in your ear "Even when we lose , we win".

Oh, and one more thing, Prof. Klein- "Kiss my BDS"

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