Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another Iranian Work Accident

There's been a series of mysterious explosions and work accidents in Iran lately. There have been 3 this month alone. Are the Iranians just that cavalier about worker safety? Is this just a series of coincidences? Are theses the actions of dissident Iranian groups? Or is there a Zionist conspiracy afoot?
The most recent work accident, in an Iranian Steel plant in Yazd killed 7, and seriously wounded 12 others. A number of "foreign nationals" were reported amongst those killed
There is speculation that the explosion at steel factory was connected to Iran's nuclear program. Iranians need maraging steel to manufacture the ballistic missile engines they are constructing. Maraging steel's strength and malleability in allow it to be formed into thinner rocket and missile skins than other steels. It is also needed to produce new uranium enrichment centrifuges and exhaust systems for missile engines. Increasing evidence from foreign sources reveal that North Korea was providing Iran and Syria with this steel, as well as training them in its use and manufacture.

Iran is a quintessential rogue state, denying the Jewish Holocaust while plotting another one. The world is aware how destabilizing a nuclear Iran will be. Coincidences or not, this series of Iranian work accidents buys us more time in postphoning a nuclear Iran.

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