Tuesday, December 13, 2011


America’s Voices in Israel program brings well known Americans to Israel- to relate what they've seen to their followers,

A group of stars recently returned from Israel:

Mary Lynn Rajskub who played Chloe O’Brian on 24.
Shaun Sipos,starred as David Breck on Melrose Place.
Greg Grunberg who played Matt Parkman on Heroes.
Justin Chatwin from The Invisible, Dragonball Evolution.
Austin Nichols from One Tree Hill.

And yes. They loved it. Effusively. They loved the history and they loved the people.

And they've been tweeting about it, too. Did you happen to notice this tweet from Greg Grunberg: SHALOM & Thank You to ALL the amazing PEOPLE of #Israel who made us feel SO at HOME. ISRAEL=LOVE+PEACE+HISTORY

Israel "History that will blow you away." Thanks, Greg!
And to JVP, Code Pink, PACBI, and all you other BDS'ers: Why yes, this counts as a great big juicy BDS Fail.

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