Saturday, June 20, 2015

Welcome to the new Blue Beach Resort in Gaza

Gaza rebuilds.
A brand new resort has opened up in Gaza this month
The Blue beach resort boasts 2 swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, and a computer and video game hall for the kids

From their facebook page

Blue Beach Resort overlooks the Mediterranean Sea from the west and Al-Rasheed Street from the east, located on the other side of Al-Mashtal Hotel.

Blue Beach Resort is one of PRICO’s (Palestine Real Estate Investment Company) investments, which has been established in 1994 as a public limited shareholding company. Blue Beach is a luxurious resort and one of the finest of its kind in Palestine. The resort has been specifically designed to be the ideal escape for family vacations and for recreational and relaxation purposes, away from the daily life hustle and bustle.

The total area of the resort is 21,000 square meters, within which 15,000 square meters are built areas consisting of four buildings for chalets and one for leisure services and facilities, whereas the remaining 6,000 square meters are green areas, consisting of two swimming pools, a Jacuzzi and family sitting areas. The entrance has been designed to be accessed from the fifth floor, as the land -where the Resort are built- are higher from the sea level.

The Chalets are designed in a unique and elegant manner, featuring a distinctive architectural form and luxurious interior spaces, available in various areas; as it consists of 52 single chalets and 80 double chalets.

Blue Beach resort in Gaza

Blue Beach resort in Gaza

Blue Beach resort in Gaza

Blue Beach resort in Gaza
More heart rendering scenes from Gaza, "the world's largest open air prison".

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