Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Kosher foods in Florida vandalized

What do 2 years olds and Northern California “peace” activists have in common?

For starters, they both are prone to grocery store temper tantrums

For our local “peace” activists, the trigger is anything made in Israel, or reminds them of something made in Israel. Oh, hell. Random kosher food will do in a pinch.

Its all about expressing themselves.

Good old Northern California has had more than its share of vandalism directed towards kosher foods, foods from Israel, and the stores that sell them.

A local Mid-Eastern grocery store  has been repeatedly vandalized for selling Israeli products, and for refusing to give in to the BDS bullies.

This label was affixed to Israeli wines in a local food coop. (Yep, Maggie. We know it was you, and not just because of the low production value.)

There were these jokers, in a Berkeley Safeway.  Its the BDS version of the Wal-martians

And of course, who can forget Kate Raphael, Hassan Fouda, Henry Norr and friends vandalizing Israeli products in Trader Joes?  

This particular stunt backfired so badly, that Trader Joes nationwide sold out of their Israeli products.

The ugliness of this particularly flavor of BDS has apparently spread to Florida, according to Algemeiner:

A Miami supermarket chain said it was investigating reports that Israeli products at a Miami store were vandalized on its shelves.

“Please note that our store manager has been notified [of the damaged products] and they are investigating into this situation,” the Publix supermarket chain tweeted on Tuesday.

The supermarket’s announcement came after a photo of a Kedem product apparently from a North Miami Beach store was posted to Twitter, with a mock-up “Occupation Facts” sticker pasted on the front.

The label featured a call to “boycott this product,” and among the “ingredients” listed were “collective punishments, massacres of innocent civilians, mass arrests.”

Incidentally, in the United States, the Product Packaging Protection Act of 2002  made it a crime to add any writing to a food product prior to its purchase. "Whoever, without the consent of the manufacturer, retailer or distributor, intentionally tampers with a consumer product that is sold in interstate or foreign commerce by knowingly placing or inserting any writing in the consumer product, or in the container for the consumer product, before the sale of the consumer product to any consumer shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 3 years, or both."

Just so you know.


Anonymous said...

At what point is a RICO lawsuit possible against BDS organizations and organizers who come together in order to commit crimes?

Anonymous said...

Vandalism is a crime. The vandals should be arrested and additionally fined an amount that at minimum equals the sale price of the damaged products times some multiple punitive charge.

Plus any European, African, Asian, East Asian Indian who brutally occupies Native American land should be made aware of their double standards.

All people have the Right to Resist Islamofascism and Fascist Socialism.