Friday, June 5, 2015

Suspects who stormed Westport synagogue appear before Judge

Anti- Israel activists Daniel Fischer  and Gregory Williams, arrested for disrupting last week’s luncheon at Westport Connecticut’s Temple Israel, appeared before Judge William Wenzel in Norwalk Superior Court to face charges of criminal trespass first-degree and breach of peace second-degree. Both suspects were represented by Bridgeport attorney Eugene Riccio.

The incident led to the lockdown of local schools, and caused several terrified people to flee the premises.

Daniel Fischer, 25, of 93 Osborn Ave., New Haven  asked for accelerated rehabilitation which  if completed, would expunge his record.  Gregory Williams pleaded not guilty, opting to go to a jury trial.

Wenzel set their court date for July 21.

There is now a petition circulated by various hate groups calling these 2 thugs "Jewish anti apartheid activists" and claiming their voices were silenced.

The petition reads:
The Temple's actions reflect longstanding attempts to silence those who stand up to Israel's ongoing campaign of terror and dispossession against the Palestinian people.
We call on State's Attorney David I. Cohen to drop all charges against Fischer and Williams.
Daniel Fischer and Gregory Williams spoke truth to power. Let their example inspire others to do the same.
The office for State's Attorney David I. Cohen has no email. To demand justice for Fischer and Williams, please call 203-965-5215.
Daniel Fischer  and Gregory Williams terrorized a community, and now they are playing victims. Talk about chutzpah.

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