Sunday, September 21, 2014

Anti-Israel activists attempt to hijack the People's Climate March

 First they hijacked airplanes. Now the Palestinians hijack agendas.

Palestinians and their supporters are the spoiled children of the activist world- demanding, immature and inconsiderate.

Today's People’s Climate March in New York City attracted over 300,000 participants.  Leave it to  Jewish Voice for Peace and their anti-Israel comrades to shamelessly attempt to hijack the agenda.

Whenever a group of progressive activists mobilize,  its a given that anti-Israel activists  will be tagging along, with  shrill foot-stomping demands of "Pay attention to me!"  

Noor Mir on Twitter on Twitter gushed  " I organized a  #Free Palestine bloc and it is huge", adding "The climate connection is here & its clear"

To no one but you, Noor.

Marching behind a JVP  banner some tried desperately to link the issues,  holding signs "Israel apartheid is not green", "Bombing Gaza is not green" , "First 2000 lives now 1000 acres"  and this baffling monstrosity  "Hey Bibi and Assad stop bombing the climate out of people's land"

 OK, then....

Others didn't even try,  and simply recycled signs from various ANSWER and Al Awda events  "End US Aid to Israel" and "Israel is racism and genocide" and the ever popular call for the elimination of Israel,  "From the river to sea". Palestinian flags were also abundant.

With climate charge emerging as one the most compelling issues of this generation, it would be a shame to see it lose credibility in this manner.  

Some anti-Israel activists apparently didn't get the memo. Rather than co-opting the climate change message, they chose to proudly disrupt it. The haters interrupted the progressive Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders during his address on climate change. 

Either co-opting or disrupting, the anti-Israel message is clear.  Only their cause matters, after all, and don't you ever forget it.


ericl1 said...

I only saw one woman protesting the Jews. Not that anyone really cared. The march was government sponsored and was only for the entertainment of the marchers.

Anonymous said...

Jewish Voice for Peace? Great.

Where is Muslim Voice for Peace?

None? Too counter revolutionary and "islamophobic"?