Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ohio University student body president Megan Marzec embarrasses herself and her school

This takes the shrill, self-serving attention seeking tactics of Code Pink and JVP and ratchets them up to an entirely different level. 

The president of the student body at Ohio University, Megan Marzec has posted a clip of herself dumping a bucket of red liquid on herself , in a particularly juvenile anti-Israel protest.   She exploits her position in the University by identifying herself  "as Student Senate president"  who is expressing "student concern". It reality, it seems, she spoke for no one besides herself.

Via Daniel Mael at Truth Revolt

Ohio University student body president Megan Marzec took the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" to a new level, dumping a bucket of blood on herself in support of alleged Palestinian suffering at the hands of the Israeli state.

In the video, she intoned, “As student senate president, I’m sending a message of student concern about the genocide in Gaza and the occupation of Palestine by the Israeli state,” prior to endorsing the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel which only singles out the Jewish state.

 “I’m urging you and OU (Ohio University) to divest and cut all ties to academic and other Israeli institutions and businesses.”

“This bucket of blood symbolizes the thousands of displaced and murdered Palestinians- atrocities which OU is directly complacent in through cultural and economic ties with the Israeli state,” she explained. 

Marzec then doused herself in the bucket of blood. Marzec did not respond to a request for comment by press time as to whether or not the blood was real.

The student body president made no mention of Palestinian war crimes and crimes against humanity, instead opting to target the Jewish state. Her video concludes with the message. “Free Palestine.”

Watch the clip here

The Ohio University  Student Senate was quick to apologize and to distance themselves from Megan Marzec's actions, posting this on Twitter. 

This bizarre and irrational behavior  more likely reflects mental illness than political ideology.  We can only hope Megan Marzec seeks the help she needs.

In response to Marzec’s video, University spokeswoman Stephanie Filson stated:

" ... Her actions do not reflect the position of Ohio University or President McDavis. We recognize the rights of individual students to speak out on matters of public concern and we will continue to do so, but want to be clear that the message shared today by her is not an institutional position or a belief held by President McDavis."

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wkovacs said...

anyone who confuses complacent with complicit, not only shouldnt be student body prez, but shouldnt have been accepted to a university