Saturday, September 20, 2014

United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act passes overwhelmingly

The bipartisan  United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act (S. 2673 and H.R. 938)  was adopted by unanimous consent in the Senate on September 18, 2014, with over three-quarters of the Senate co-sponsoring.  The House of Representatives passed the legislation earlier with a vote of  410-1 on  March 5, 2014 (Thomas Massie of Kentucky was the sole "nay" vote)

This bill lays the foundation for expanded U.S.-Israel cooperation in defense, energy, agriculture, cyber security and a number of other key sectors.

Drop your Senators a line and thank them for standing with Israel in this troubling time.

The key points of the bill, via AIPAC:
  1. A Region in Turmoil
    With the Middle East in turmoil, it is critical for America that we strengthen our alliance with friendly and reliable states. Israel is such an ally.

  2. A Major Strategic Partner
    The United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act recognizes this fact by designating Israel as a “major strategic partner” of the United States.

  3. Strengthening a Critical Alliance
    This important bill will help the United States maximize the benefits of an already thriving alliance with Israel by expanding cooperation in military, trade, energy and homeland security arenas.

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