Friday, March 18, 2011

Time to Boycott Google

Ok, haters. Its long past time to add "Google" to the Boycott list. How long do the arrogant heads of the worlds best Internet search engine dare to ignore the whine of "Palestinian civil society"?

From The Jerusalem Post

Google Inc., the US multinational public corporation invested in Internet search, cloud computing and advertising technologies, will pay Israeli researchers to conduct some 20 research projects relating to opportunities in the Internet economy, with a particular focus on the fundamentals of online auctions.

The deal’s signing by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Yissum Research Development Company Ltd., Tel Aviv University’s Ramot Ltd. technologytransfer company and the Technion Research and Development Foundation (TRDF Ltd.) was announced Wednesday.

Internet search giant Google opened a research-and-development center in Haifa, in 2006 -- its first R&D center in the Middle East. Another was opened in Tel Aviv, the following year.

"As a country renowned for its thriving economy and passion for new technologies, Israel is home to many outstanding computer scientists and engineers and Google is looking to establish long partnerships with institutes and universities," the 2006 Google press release announced. Apparent, this is still true.

So, haters. Just last week John Greyson made this unforgettable announcement at Laurentian University regarding BDS, " I think the momentum is unstoppable." Yet in the 10 years that BDS has become a triumphant unstoppable force in the world of social justice activism, you haven't been able to create even a blip on Google's radar. And you haven't been able to create a blip in Israel's economic growth, either.

Keep it up. And kiss my BDS

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