Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Middle East Childrens Alliance Silent on the Death of Middle East Children

Three beautiful children were savagely and brutally knifed to death, while they lay sleeping. The youngest, a newborn, had her throat slit. An older brother was stabbed in the heart. You would think the world would speak out in unison against this horror, yet that hasn't been happening. The Red/Green alliance dismisses the murders, calling the young Fogel family " settlers", as if that, as if anything could justify the deaths. Exploring the blogsphere, you read all sorts of rationale for their death. (Thai workers? Mossad? Settler on settler violence? Anything but the most likely scenario.)

I just visited the website of MECA for Peace, the Middle East Children's alliance. I was anxious to see what they would say about the deaths of these three children in the Middle East. Would the violence be condemned? Would it be justified and dismissed, as we've seen elsewhere? The answer: there was absolutely nothing written. Silence. An organization that claims to "address the terrible harm done to children in the Middle East" has been silent on the deaths of Hadas Fogel, 3 months old, Yoav , 11 years old, and Elad, 4. Why is it Barbara Lubin, that the Fogel children were ignored? Is it because they were Jews?

Nearly 20,000 mourners attended the funeral for the Fogel children, and their parents Udi and Ruth. In his eulogy, Minister Moshe Ya'alon attacked the Palestinian Authority over its anti-Israel incitement. "The murderers, if they'll be jailed, will be recognized as heroes and they will be honored by (Palestinian) schools. Such acts are routine with our neighbors". Rabbi Yona Metzger added "Today there in no Right, there is no Left; there isn't a Jewish heart that isn't bleeding tears of anguish." Perhaps the only answer to MECA's silence is that Barbara Lubin lacks a Jewish heart.


Creed Of Noah said...

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Anonymous said...

The day after the attack in Itamar, Fatah officials attended the unveiling of a plaque in memory of Dalal Mughrabi in Al-Bireh. Mughrabi had directed the hijacking of two buses on the coastal road between Haifa and Tel Aviv, which led to the murder of 3Israelis, including 13 children.

So where's that Palestinian gandhi we keep waiting for?